Automotive Professionals and Addiction

addiction auto industry workersAutomotive professions tend to draw a similar kind of person: one who enjoys working with their hands, is good with machinery and is very mechanically minded. Common automotive professions include vehicle mechanics, professional pit crew members and custom vehicle designers. Automobiles are a passion those in the automotive industry, and while many automotive professionals are extremely skilled and intelligent, many are also prone to different forms of addiction. This can be for a number of reasons.

Many automotive professionals draw adrenaline from interacting with vehicles. Driving them, working on them and inspecting them are all sources of pleasure and interest because manipulating the mechanics of vehicles comes very naturally to them. But being this mechanically minded has its drawbacks. It is true that some of the most mechanically minded people do not invest any thought into their behaviors, thought patterns or general psychology. They are not self-aware of their own personalities because the highly developed parts of their brain are the mechanical parts, not the self-reflexive parts. Therefore, when an automotive professional is overtaken by addiction, they are one of the hardest personality types to convince that a self-reevaluation is necessary to their well being. This puts them at high risk of serious consequences due to their addiction.

Fortunately for those in the automotive industry, treatment is available. There are highly accredited rehabilitation centers and addiction treatment facilities that are designed to accommodate people in trade professions, such as the automotive industry. Rehab centers often design their treatment programs around particular professions or personality types because addiction treatment is more effective when it is tailored to a particular group or demographic. This allows addiction specialists and counselors to become experts in certain types of addiction and be able to address psychological hardships that apply to professions such as those in the automotive industry. If you or someone you know is an automotive professional who is struggling with addiction, reach out for help today!

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